Recycling is something we’ve done naturally from day one. As techniques have improved over time, so has our commitment to reducing the amount of waste, chemicals and emissions we produce. We believe it’s the right thing to do for our clients, community and the planet.

Here are just some of the ways we’re reducing our environmental footprint:


All of the paper we use is responsibly sourced from sustainable forests and manufactured using chlorine free processes. You can also choose paper that’s made from a mix of post-consumer waste and virgin fibres.


Any chemicals and solvents we use are removed by licensed operators who safely dispose of them. They make sure they don’t enter the drainage system.

Waste paper

We recycle all of our waste paper from our office, studio, print room and finishing teams. We can also arrange to pick up any out-of-date publications we’ve printed for you and take them away for recycling.


We store cardboard separately from other waste paper.

Printing plates

We store these in cages and arrange for them to be regularly collected. They are recycled into all kinds of things – the possibilities are endless.

Waste ink & ink tins

We either dispose of these appropriately or arrange for the supplier to collect them so they can be reused.


We keep all plastics from packaging and industrial containers away from general waste for collection by licensed carriers.

General waste

Our teams all have waste bins so general waste can be separated and recycled with less impact on landfill.


We carefully plan all of our deliveries and maximise load capacity to minimise the amount of miles we clock up each year.