To support the launch of a new company, we were asked to print a cost-effective brochure that would maximise the return on investment.

The original design used three solid colours to highlight different aspects of their product. We recommend a two-colour format instead that utilised tints. This enabled us to use the perfecting facility on our press, printing both sides of the page at once to reduce production costs.

We also recommended printing a smaller initial batch of brochures on our digital press, so clients could feedback their thoughts. Key improvements were then made to the design before the full print run got the go-ahead.

Our customer care philosophy helped our client save money and create a better product. Which is what we’re all about. The original design would have been the quickest and most profitable solution for us. But we genuinely want to help our clients and provide the best solutions.

By being honest, straightforward and consultative, we hope to inspire loyalty and make sure our clients keep coming back to us time after time. We’re happy to say, many of them do.