We had a really strong relationship with this client, printing all kinds of leaflets, booklets and flyers to meet their marketing needs.

However, our project management team thought we could help them to improve efficiencies and save costs. So, we proactively went to them with a bright idea.


We suggested running a print and usage audit for their regular print activities. They agreed and the results were interesting.

  • For some projects we identified we could reduce the regular print run and save costs by better reflecting the take up.
  • For some regular re-prints we increased the print quantities to reduce unit costs and the frequency of print runs.


  • A significant cost saving was made, as we were able to reduce waste and inefficiency across their entire print portfolio.
  • By changing print volumes and the amount of fixed cost print run set ups, we were able to further drive down costs.
  • A happy charity client who was able to save money and use it for their core ‘giving’ activities instead.